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The Truth About MaleGenix – EXPOSED!

Is MaleGenix too good to be true? We put MaleGenix to the test to see how good (or bad) the so-called world’s top male enhancement pill is.

MaleGenix Male Enhancement Pill – Trusted Male Enhancement Supplement

MaleGenix is the #1 Male Enhancement Pill in 2018

MaleGenix has been reviewed by no less than 30 of our colleagues in the supplement review industry, with most of them sharing positive remarks about MaleGenix. Still, the most important question needs to be answered – DOES MALEGENIX WORK?


Various independent clinical tests will tell you that MaleGenix absolutely works! No less than 15 independent tests have been carried out to see if MaleGenix works, and they all agree – MaleGenix is the FIRST and ONLY clinically-proven penis enlargement pill today.


MaleGenix utilizes B.A.S.E. Technology, a method developed by MaleGenix from scratch, which enables the ingredients to remain effective for extended periods of time. Through the BASE TECHNOLOGY, each penis enlargement ingredient works overtime to maximize the results you get from MaleGenix.


MaleGenix also uses the APEX formula, which stands for Accelerated Penile Expansion formula, a method that allows each ingredient to work in perfect synergy to maximize the impact of the formula on the body. The APEX formula, combined with the BASE technology, allows MaleGenix to deliver results never before seen in the industry.

The positive remarks that majority of supplement reviewers are enough to convince us that MaleGenix works, and we had similar experiences ourselves. We tried MaleGenix for 60 days, and the results we got was spectacular, to say the least. MaleGenix gives you the extra jolt of libido and energy during those critical moments leading to sex, and it adds a nice boost to your size to top it all off. Now we know why all MaleGenix reviews seemed too good to be true - MaleGenix is simply better than anything we’ve seen.

When it comes to breakthrough supplements like MaleGenix, the only way to really know if the product works is if you try the product for yourself. Luckily, MaleGenix has an ironclad money-back guarantee that allows you to try MaleGenix at virtually ZERO risk.

If you want to know more about MaleGenix, read the rest of our in-depth review below:

MaleGenix, The Most Effective and Safest Male Enhancement Solution

MaleGenix is the best male enhancement pill currently on the market, thanks to its ability to provide its users with everything they need to enhance their sex life. Whether it be more energy, a greater libido, erection quality, or penis size, MaleGenix has you covered.

Naturally there are questions every customer wants to ask when it comes to any product they're interested in buying, which is why we are here to clarify things. Here is how MaleGenix works, and exactly what you can expect from MaleGenix.

The Science Behind MaleGenix

The secret behind why MaleGenix is so effective comes down to its B.A.S.E. formula, which works by facilitating more blood flow to penile tissue through a combination of vasodilators, PDE-5 inhibitors and aphrodisiacs. Due to the tissues elasticity this causes it to expand, allowing the user to benefit from immediate improvements in increased erection size, erection hardness as well as improvements in libido and stamina.

This has a dual effect in that an increased supply of blood to these tissues also means more nutrients, which allows the user to benefit from a growth in penis size, one that they can enjoy permanently. MaleGenix's hormonal stabilizing compounds ensure that the user is supplied with the precise amount of ingredients they need to best encourage prolonged and consistent results.


"Best product out there"

When I first saw MaleGenix I have to admit that I was skeptical. I'm someone that has tried dozen of male enhancers and most of them haven't lived up to their promises, or were really unsafe to use. MaleGenix is the best of both worlds, providing the best results I've seen and with no side effects. This product is the best out there, the choice is a no-brainer.

-Ryan S. Washington, D.C.

"Best results at a reasonable price"

MaleGenix did everything that it said it would-it gave me more energy, really ramped up my sex drive, and gave me the extra size I was looking for. Another great part about MaleGenix is the price. For the results I got I think they could easily sell the product for more money. The bulk deal they offer really is a steal.

-Patrick L. Anaheim, CA.

"Great Product for Older Men"

This is a great product for older men because it only uses natural ingredients. As an older guy who is looking for a male enhancer, I don't only need a product that works; I need one that isn't going to be harmful to my health either. Many of the prescription drugs out there interact with other medications like my heart medication, and I needed a more natural option. Without MaleGenix, my sex life wouldn't be the same.

-Andrew P. Plano, TX.

"Glad I bought MaleGenix for my boyfriend"

My sex life with my current boyfriend never was the best, he had everything else going for him but he just couldn't last long enough to satisfy me. MaleGenix was the best option because it only uses natural ingredients and is guaranteed to work, so it made the choice to buy an easy one. He is performing way better than I expected, and MaleGenix may have just saved our relationship.

-Michelle A. Chicago, IL.

MaleGenix Active Ingredients

MaleGenix provides the user with the most potent ingredients which have been specifically chosen in its B.A.S.E. formula to provide the user with the best possible results with minimal risk to their health. Here are the ingredients you can find in MaleGenix:

L-Arginine -

This amino acid is an essential component to MaleGenix, and you can find it in muscle building supplements as well. This is due to its effects over the body's ability to open up blood vessels, facilitating more blood to areas of need-a process known as vasodilation. Increased blood flow to the two major chambers in the penis encourage expansion and growth of these tissues.

Maca Root -

This root greatly improves the user's ability to last longer in bed, due to its ability to prevent over stimulation of the nervous system during sex.

Tongkat Ali -

This aphrodisiac greatly enhances the user's ability to maintain harder erections for longer periods of time due to its natural PDE-5 inhibitors.

Horny Goat Weed -

This ingredient contains a compounds such as icariin, which greatly increases the production of testosterone, increasing its availability for use in the penile tissue. Horny goat weed is an essential component in MaleGenix which allows the user to benefit from permanent penis growth.

Tribulus Terrestris -

This is a delayed-released ingredient which contains compounds that increases sexual stimulus and increases pleasure experienced from sex. It is an ingredient that enhances the effects of other ingredients found within MaleGenix such as Tongkat Ali.

Muira Puama -

This fast-acting PDE-5 inhibitor goes to work almost immediately after consumption, providing the user with a tremendous improvement in their libido and energy levels. This ingredient helps to begin the B.A.S.E. process.

Damiana Extract -

This is another fast acting PDE-5 inhibitor which provides the user with immediate and sustained erections. This extract is quickly absorbed by the body, making it readily available for use on demand.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa -

This is an aphrodisiac which is slowly synthesized by the body, allowing the user to benefit from extended penis enlarging results they can consistently rely on. This ingredient allows the user to benefit from the effects of MaleGenix around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions About MaleGenix

1. Is MaleGenix Safe to Use?

MaleGenix's ingredients are 100% derived from nature, making it both effective and extremely safe to use. These natural ingredients are the most potent out there, and is what allows MaleGenix's Biologically Accelerated Sustained Expansion(B.A.S.E.) formula to provide the user with unsurpassed results.

2. Is MaleGenix effective?

MaleGenix's clinically tested formula has strongly demonstrated just how well it works, allowing it to that the position as the #1 male enhancer in the market. Rigorous laboratory testing along with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback further solidifies MaleGenix's position.

3. How big can I get with MaleGenix?

The size increase you're going to see is going to depend on a lot of factors such as your metabolism, genetics, diet and environmental ones as well. All users experience growth over time, however exercising regularly while eating healthy have shown to accelerate growth and improve results.

4. How do I get the best results with MaleGenix?

The way to maximize your results is to take MaleGenix at least once a day, on a consistent basis to experience the full effects of the supplement. MaleGenix can also be used as a quick erectile enhancer as well which increase erections size and hardness when taken 30-60 minutes prior to sex.

5. When will I see results?

Users will experience an immediate improvement in their levels of energy, libido, and improved erection quality just 30-60 minutes after taking MaleGenix. Users typically experience growth in size after 8-10 weeks of use, which is dependent on the body's ability to properly balance the production of testosterone and other relevant hormones. This can cause results to vary from individual to individual, and is why the user is advised to take MaleGenix for at least a period of 3-6 months to see the maximum results.

6. Is MaleGenix like prescription enhancers?

MaleGenix acts similarly to prescription erectile enhancers because it contains similar compounds to the ones found in these drugs. The difference between the two is that MaleGenix contains all natural ingredient which are both effective and safe-while prescription drugs can potentially cause serious health issues.

7. Do you offer any type of discount?

We offer flexible options to customers who opt to purchase more than one bottle, which can result in hundreds of saved dollars for the customer. You can save more money on your order by ordering in advance and taking advantage of the free shipping option, or by buying in bulk orders.

8. When should I expect my order?

Once we receive your order, we will process and ship it within 24-48 hours. You should expect to receive your order within 5-7 business days, or earlier if you selected expedited shipping.

9. Do you offer a guarantee?

All orders that are placed through our official website are backed by our guarantee. We stand by the quality of our product, and would like to extend our confidence to our customers by offering their money back if it doesn't work, and to make the process as easily as possible.

10. Is my privacy safe?

We understand the sensitive nature of our business, and thus have taken additional steps to ensure that our customer's privacy is kept safe. We process and ship our products in a discreet manner so that only our customer knows what is coming to their door, and no one else.

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