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Lewis Reviews MaleGenix.

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Hey, everyone. My name is Lewis and today I’ll be reviewing Malegenix.

Our team has heard every story about Malegenix and how it’s supposed to be better than any other product on the market. Today, we are putting those theories to the test.

Malegenix claims to be a penis enlarger with intense libido and stamina-boosting capabilities. As a 45-year old man, I can honestly say that I have no interest in making my erections larger. A more pressing concern for men my age is losing the ability to sustain an erection. Thankfully, I haven’t had the need to take drugs to obtain an erection, but as the years go by, I can just see it as a near possibility.

Malegenix claims to be the ultimate male enhancement supplement that will answer most of my sexual health needs. The team decided to put Malegenix to the test and get our individual takes on the product. Please bear in mind that this review would solely focus on achieving erections, sustaining libido, and improving sexual pleasure. If you’re here to read about penis enlargement, you’re in the wrong page. Read Alex, Shane, Kyle and Peter’s review if you want to know more about Malegenix’s penis enlargement capabilities.

As previously discussed, Malegenix isn’t as I expected. Some products say they work instantly, but would have you wait for days to experience results. Many products exaggerate their results that way, which only lead to confusion and distrust in the industry.

To properly evaluate Malegenix, I had to be at my worst physical state. I was tired and completely disinterested in sex when I popped my first dose of Malegenix. I went to bed with my girlfriend and waited for things to happen as they may.

A few minutes after taking Malegenix, I noticed the increased sensitivity of my senses. I’m keener to my girlfriend’s scent, and how ecstatic I felt when I caressed her bare skin. I knew at that point that Malegenix was already kicking in. It was amazing. It felt like my libido was charged to the brim and ready to pop at any second. Sex while on Malegenix is an absolute treat – you feel about 10 times more of the sexual stimulus, which excites you and pushes you to perform even more.

The great thing about Malegenix is just how it keeps you performing even though you’re about to explode in your pants. The excellent hormonal balance keeps you in control all the time.

I’ve only used Malegenix for the last two weeks, and I can already tell that there’s an immediate effect to my libido and stamina, at least. I can also see why some would think that Malegenix will increase size as it really does improve the firmness of my penis when erect.

For older guys like me, maybe Malegenix would be the natural solution that would take the place of the expensive drugs men my age take to sustain an erection. For now, Malegenix has the technology to make it happen, at the fraction of the price.